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The Perfect Oven: Combining Technology With Style

Ever wondered why chefs seem to consistently get it right every time? Of course it has to do with the Culinary School education and the years upon years of honing their craft but they also have industrial standard ovens at their disposal.

Technological advancements in home appliances means we can gain that professional chef advantage in our own homes; resulting in less burnt cakes, dry, inedible meat and soggy baked vegetables.

Here’s three hat trick function and design tips for your home oven that will guarantee succulent roasts, crispy pastries and irresistible bakes – all in super style.

1. Go For Temperature Control Technology

Do you find your roasts are always tough no matter what you do? This is called ‘food trauma’.  It occurs when hot air, then cold air, hits your food during the cooking process – causing it to expand and retract, and, consequently, toughen. Surprisingly, a lot of ovens are reliant on this ‘venting system’, with cold air circulating intermittently throughout the oven.

But there is a better option – Thermoseal technology, which will change the flavour of your meals for the better! Without getting too technical, Thermoseal technology, which was invented by Smeg, is a completely controlled cooking environment, so no cold air enters the oven during cooking. Instead, the unique insulation and cooling system circulates cold air around the outside of the cavity and up through the panes of glass. This ensures the perfect application of heat to food required for optimum cooking conditions. For example, where moisture is not required for pastry or meringue, it’s released. Where moisture is required, say, for a roast, it is maintained. The result? Every culinary reaction occurs just as you planned – your roasts will be melt-in-the-mouth tender and dripping with flavour, your puff pastries will be crisp and light, your cakes light as air, and your brownies will be rich and gooey. Genius! There is no guesswork involved. No gadgets and no intervention. You just pop your food in the oven and get perfect results, every time.

2. Buy A Work Of Art

Your oven should stand the test of time, both in construction and design style. So choose an oven that reflects your personality and works seamlessly with your kitchen.

Do you love a chic and contemporary minimalist kitchen design? Then an oven with subtle, pared-back styling, symmetrical aesthetics, sleek linear lines and transparent control knobs could be just your thing. Add LED displays and reflective silver glass and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Or perhaps your style is more retro cool with a contemporary twist? Yes, there’s an oven that’s perfect for you, too. How about a freestanding cooker or built-in that has the perfect mix of vintage charm, contemporary styling and 21st Century technology? Think beautiful designs that pay homage to the 50s, with quality enamel finishes, rounded corners, striking chrome knobs, side opening oven door and backsplash. This work of art suits just about any home, from country dwellings to New-York style warehouse apartments, Hampton’s feel family homes and even contemporary city apartments. And you won’t be limited to colour. You can score one of these beauties in classic panna (cream), white or black enamel finishes.

If classic and beautiful is more your style, go for an elegant design that will stand the test of time. An oven designed using architectural principals with distinctive stainless steel and simple features, such as ergonomic control knobs and comfortable, stylish handles, will have you cooking up a storm in style.

Choosing an oven that reflects your personality and needs is the fun part. But don’t compromise on quality. Its construction and the materials used to make it should not deteriorate over time. It needs to be well made, highly resilient and durable. And if you have children, safety is paramount. Always opt for an oven that has a soft close door and cool door technology that’s safe to touch, even when it’s at 500 degrees Celsius. You may also want to consider fingerprint proof stainless steel, too!

 The Smeg Victoria built-in range brings personality into your home.
 The Smeg Classic design can be matched to a range of kitchen styles from traditional to contemporary.
 Minimal, modern living with Smeg Linear design aesthetic in white.
 21st century technology in a chic New York style apartment – the epitome of modern vintage.
 Vintage charm for modern living.

3. Choose An Oven That’s Easy To Use

Cooking is meant to be enjoyable, so choose a design that’s easy for you to use. SmartSense ovens are fully programmable with digital touch display and intuitive operation, so you can easily program them to do all the hard work and mathematics for you. For example, if you’re cooking a roast, you can program the oven to roast, specify the weight and how you like it – rare, medium or well done. Then, voila, the oven will alert you when it is hot enough to pop your meat in, tell you which rack to place it on and switch itself off when it’s ready. You can even enter the time you want your meal to be ready. Pretty clever stuff.

And this technology isn’t limited to creating mouth-watering roasts; these smart ovens can be programmed for just about anything your tastebuds fancy, from pastries and soufflés to casseroles. Even pizza and artisan breads. Yes, some ovens will even transform to stone ovens for you.

If programmable oven technology is not your thing, relax. There are plenty of traditional oven styles that are a cinch to use. Look for easy to use control knobs and functionality. Think interchangeable trays and racks, a removable roof liner to prevent food splattering on the element, Eclipse transparent glass when in use for total visibility, energy efficiency and of course, an oven that’s easy to clean.

Ask for Ever Clean enamel – a highly durable and glossy enamel finish that’s super easy to clean. Vapour Cleaning takes things up a notch by generating heat and steam to soften grease for an easy wipe clean. And for really dirty ovens, you can’t beat pyrolytic cleaning. This clever technology locks your oven door then heats up to around 500 degrees Celsius, carbonising food residue and grease to ash. When it’s finished its cycle, you just wipe away residue and, bingo, you have a sparkling oven again.

 Digital touch screen displays for precise cooking and menu.
 Smeg SmartSense ovens come with upto 50 pre-programmed menus for Australia’s most popular food categories to take the guesswork out of cooking.
 Cook mouth-watering roasts in a SmartSense oven, simply enter the weight of your meat, how you would like it cooked and the oven will take care of the rest, even alerting you when it’s cooked and turning itself off!
 Count on the perfect soufflé.
 Convert your oven into a stone oven for artisan breads and pizza with a Smeg Gourmet Cooking Stone.
 A Classic – Smeg’s architecturally designed ergonomic control knob.
 Ever Clean enamel, vapour cleaning and pyrolytic cleaning take the hard work out of keeping your oven clean.

Tasting is believing, so the best way to discover how a Smeg Thermoseal oven cooks so well is to join a free Smeg product demonstration and taste for yourself! Demonstrations are available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. See for more information or contact Smeg in your area