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Work Of Art: 3 Kitchen Designs You’ll Love Forever

From classic designs to contemporary chic and vintage charm, these kitchens ooze in personality, style, function and flair. What’s your style?

The Classic Kitchen

You want a kitchen design that is enduring, beautiful and timeless. Your kitchen should be the heart and the soul of the home, but it also needs to be stylish, reflect your personality and be functional – and a place where the preparation of food, entertaining, practicality and life quality are a top priority. And this is why classic kitchens are so desirable – they are based on original designs using architectural principals that stand the test of time.

Think classic and elegant appliances with a contemporary feel. Made using the highest quality materials and construction, classic kitchens incorporate the latest technology to make the kitchen and home-cooking easy and enjoyable. A stainless steel oven design with smooth and sleek lines, Eclipse black opaque glass door that has total visibility when the light is on and TFT displays will not only outlast the trends, but it will ensure your roasts are succulent, your soufflés are perfect and your pastries are delectable. State-of-the art coffee machines, cooktops, rangehoods, tap fixtures and fittings and other key kitchen appliances with refined designs in modern shapes will ensure it transcends time.

Perfect for: Classic kitchens can enhance the most traditional or contemporary kitchen. The sleek, stainless steel finishes on ovens with black glass give a subtle hint at industrial style, while the modern shapes and ergonomic designs ensure timelessness.

Vintage Charm

Creating a charming and functional retro-inspired kitchen that oozes in style, nostalgia incorporates the latest innovative technology is easier than you think. Just cast your mind back to the 1950s – where home-style cooking and families connected at the dinner table. The kitchen was the soul of the home. Pay homage to a simpler way of life with retro-style ovens made from the highest quality enamel finishes, striking chrome knobs, softly-curved lines and time-enduring features and finishes brimming with personality. Then showcase 50s inspired kitchen appliances, like a blender, kettle and toaster proudly on benchtops to cement the theme.

Perfect for: From French countryside inspired homes to the Hamptons and New-York warehouse designs, to the Australian Queenslander, suburban semi or city apartment, retro-inspired designs will add instant glamour to the kitchen while retaining that warm and charming feel. Try white or panna (cream) enamel finishes for a traditional, 50s style look. Or for a modern, industrial chic spin on vintage, go for sleek and contemporary black enamel finishes.

 The Classic Kitchen.
Create a kitchen layout that is functional and stylish. A classic, timeless oven with Eclipse black opaque glass that is transparent when the oven is in use, made using the best quality materials and using the latest Thermoseal technology, is a keeper.
 The Classic Kitchen.
The great entertainer. Triple your cooking power with matching Compact Combination ovens that steal the kitchen show. You can also swap the glass size with a door kit so all windows match up. Classic!
 Vintage Charm.
Country style: For a real show stopper, you can’t beat the 110cm freestanding Victoria Cooker, with a 70 litre capacity main oven, 70 litre capacity auxiliary oven, electric grill and 7 burner gas hob.
 Vintage Charm.
Transform a New York style warehouse apartment into a gallery with collectable appliances – cool fridges, oven and steam oven, rangehood and 50s style FAB dishwasher.
 Vintage Charm.
Where industrial chic apartment living blends effortlessly with retro-style black enamel twin ovens.
 Vintage Charm.
Add a touch of retro cool to your suburban home for instant Hollywood glamour.
 Contemporary Chic.
Appliances steal the show as the focus of this on-trend kitchen. Hone your style with the contemporary Linear Collection in white for super style in a high performance suite.
 Contemporary Chic.
Clean living: For a sophisticated and minimalist kitchen, go for clean, flush lines, balance and reflective glass to maximise light and space.
 Contemporary Chic.
Sleek and sensationally simplistic. New and interesting island designs offer new possibilities for mounting ovens in the bench. These sleek ovens with reflective glass will have you baking for the masses in style.
 Contemporary Chic.
Add minimally designed ovens in reflective silver glass and stainless steel for a super stylish kitchen.

Contemporary Chic

Think stunning, sleek, linear lines, stainless steel finishes, reflective glass and subtle styling. The modern and minimalist contemporary chic kitchen is perfect for people who love symmetry, light, style and maximising space.

Choose a contemporary, high-performance oven design with reflective glass and a mirror-finish stainless steel to set the tone for the rest of the kitchen. Stopsol super-silver glass is an incredibly strong material with a crystal translucency unique to Smeg. When this mirror finish is combined with satin stainless steel, it will give your kitchen a beautiful reflective light that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Add ergonomically designed oven handles, TFT displays and back-lit transparent control knobs to make a real style statement in the kitchen. Complement the look with appliances and essentials like a compact microwave, steam oven, coffee machine, cooktop, sink and rangehood designed using minimalist lines and reflective qualities to maximise the light and space.

Perfect for: The minimalist, balanced and spatial design features of a contemporary chic kitchen suit just about any home, from city apartments to industrial warehouse style spaces with open designs, suburban family homes and small apartments that want to maximise space and light.

Discover new choices and design options for your kitchen with Smeg’s extensive range of design collections. Available at leading retailer and appliance retail specialists, or view at a Smeg showroom around the country. See for more information.